Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spider Lily

Hymencallis speciosa

One of the most prettiest flowers in my garden. Wish it could bloom all year round. Did this painting in September, i guess.
Have u ever seen this flower when it -just- opens?? Gosh! its amazing ! Its like a loose bud.. the tips are all attached and *suddenly* it breaks free and those spider-like long petals spread out. The 6 long greenish stamens with yellowish-orange pollen heads, stand upright, making it look prettier !

Next time u see a Spider Lily in a loose bud.... wait and watch it release itself. You just cannot hold back your smile!


sylvanwind said...

Liked the lilies and sun birds :)

The sun birds are also in watercolor, right?


Samba said...

rose bud - Foster Kane

MEROPS said...

Hey.. thanks Ravee.
Samba- thx for visiting my blog. But i didnt really understand that msg. If you look back into it, do let me know. thx.

Samba said...

It's a famous line from the movie citizen Kane. The lily bud in your post reminded me of Rose Bud.

By the way, is that a picture your took or a painting?