Sunday, November 25, 2007

.... a watery sunbird wash!

For sometime now, the sunbirds have been on my mind. Dipped my brush to do some small paintings of these tiny jewels. Hoping to capture them at their best, very soon. Over a hundred species of sunbirds have been recorded around the world, out of which India has just about 12 species.

These are the Purple sunbirds. One, amongst the 4 known species recorded in South India. Their long slender down curved bills are well adept to taking nectar from flowers, thus putting them in an exclusive nectar-feeding family called the 'Nectariniidae' .

True to their name, the males have a brilliant glittering iridescent plumage, which is best seen when the sunlight falls on the birds.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice !

Madhukar said...

Nice ones. Liked them.

Chaithra said...