Saturday, September 09, 2006

"JaydimaNnina Kale"

I LOVE working with JedimaNnu !!! Well.. JaydimaNnu in Kannada just refers to Clay ! Once the clay items are baked /fired in the kiln, they are called TERRA-COTTA ! so... Here are a few of my Terra-cotta works i did a few years back. Its so much fun getting your hands all messy with a brown sticky stuff all over your hands! :)

My Cute lil' Terracotta Elephant all set to go for the Dassera prosession!!

Enjoyed working on this box so much... Etching each of those desings when the clay was Leather-hard and then filling up everything with a white paste called 'Engo'. I love it !

Am so crazy about diya's. I love seeing a LOT of diya's lit together. Made four lil' diya's and put them all together like this! It looks very pretty when lit!!

Another lil' Diya with the form of the parrot. I love birds as most of you already know looking at my paintings. As soon as i saw this piece.. i wanted to make it for myself too !! :)