Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sketched Memoirs -- Turahalli

The many visits to Turahalli ... through the years...

Stepped into this rocky hillock area for the first time in 2002... when i was trying to follow some directions to  meet the bird-watching group. i got lost  and bumped into another lost car. So we ended up birding by ourselves and headed back home. I was amazed to see this lil' green patch so close to home... and i was hoping that i would remember my way to reach here next time !
It was in mid-2003 that i got to know about the rock-climbing activities that go on at Turahalli. I enrolled with KMA (Karnataka Mountaineering Association) and landed up the very sunday with my cousin... to see what rock-climbing is all about ! I was so happy to bump into a familiar birding-climber amongst the group.... i got comfortable... and got hooked ! Not-to-mention, that my very 4th consecutive sunday... i had a bad fall from my favourite Krishna rock... had to be literally carried down the hillock.... and after some Xrays and check-ups, got to know that it was a ligament tear in my ankle. For little more than a month my leg was wrapped up in a cast ! Well, after about 3-4 months. i slowly resumed my climbing activities again !! :)

Ever since... Turahalli has become home !
May it be for birding, climbing, sketching or just to relax the mind and walk around... Turahalli has been there. Not once does it cease to surprise our curious minds. It always has something in store for us and an endless treasure of stories to share.