Saturday, August 05, 2006


Well... *GuLakMale* happens to be a small village near Kagglipura, on the road connecting Kanakpura and Bannerghatta Road. A lot of fields and floriculture around the place...a high raised bund and as we climbed up on it, a big lake was right in front of us!!
Yup! Nanditha, Shilpa, Joyshree, Geetha and myself set out birding today. We had absolutely no clue that we were going to such a Beautiful place. The cloudy weather made it even better!! There were birds everywhere!!! Starting the day with Indian Robins, Pied Bushchats, Cormorants, all the three kinds of common Bulbuls - Red whiskered, Red vented and the White browed Bulbul, and ,Rose-ringed Parakeets. The day was more promising with the sightings of the Small blue Kingfisher, plenty of Black headed Munias, Ioras, White eyes, a Green billed Malkoha,White breasted Waterhen and not to forget the juvenile Short toed Snake Eagle!!!! Ofcourse, the Jungle Myna's, Ashy Prinias, Tailor birds, sunbirds,Doves, White browed Wagtails, a Lapwing, Spot billed Ducks, Grebes, Swallows,Small Green Bee-eaters, Kites, Egrets and Crows added to the day! Saw about 3-4 sunbirds in Eclipse plumage too!!!
A good number of butterflies too... Baronet, Nigger, Common Bushbrown, Crimson Rose, Tawny Coaster, Common Indian Crow, Emigrants, Grass yellows and Grass Jewels all around!! A pleasant and wonderful day all together! Waiting to see what more this place has in store! Hoping to visit soon! :)