Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mural at the Montessori !

Well....My friend Shilpa and i, worked on this mural at a montessori "Learning Tree" in Jayanagar. The garage has been converted into a play area with a sand-pit, a small wooden house and a slide for the kids. And ofcourse the painting on either sides. The owner of the montessori was very much willing to make it educative for the kids and was happy to include bugs, butterflies, birds, plants and other creatures in the mural! She wanted it realistic and that's exactly what we had in mind too! By the end of 20-25 days.... this is what we gave her!!


Dileep Mouleesha said...

hi suvi...

nice to see you blogging... and keep up the great work!!

do keep in touch
dileep mouleesha

Gautam said...

Coolio .. not bad.. Me back again.. and shud say those kids will definitely love your work.. it definitely looks great.. As promised your link is in my blog roll now..
My old' blog is on maintainence schedule.. will put it up there too .. may be by this week end ..
Also I've started a new blog.. u'll get a early sneek peek at


Gautam said...

Eeekss Edit Edit edit
(...... it wasn't Blod -- It was meant to be Blog .....).. Darn
Once Again My new blog is available :
- Gautam

molarbear's posts said...

Will want to talk to you about this "school work" too, Suvi! Call you tomorrow...

Sharmila said...

Hi Sangeetha,
Your work is really wonderful. i have been reading about your trips even on bngbirds and have enjoyed it every much. i have met you but i doubt if you remember me. Keep up the great work, those paintings(or murals...--excuse the lay man terms) are superb. Please convey my regards to shilpa---well that's if she remembers me :-)


MEROPS said...

hi Sharmila... thank you so much. Am so sorry for i cant really recollect meeting you. But i sure would recognise you when i see you i guess. Thank you so much! will pass on the msg to Shilpa too. Well... did we meet at Lalbagh ??

Veda Murthy said...

First time here!!!!!!

Glad i am here....awesome work! keep up the good work!



MEROPS said...

Hey... thank you, Veda! :)

Anonymous said...

nice one