Tuesday, July 04, 2006

KAYAKING over the weekend !!

I had been wanting to do some kayaking sometime... and especially after KK (Kiran) got a kayak from the US, i had even more wanting to do it. Out of the blue, friday night KK asked me if i would like to do some kayaking saturday morning... how could i deny! :) We reached manchanbele dam by 7:30am... inflated the kayak and set out !! The weather was amazing... breezy, cloudy and *Grreeennn* ALL around! This was my first time Kayaking and we went on and on and on.... I guess i was sooo excited, i never got tired of rowing at all! It was so peaceful out there... cormorants, Grey herons, kingfishers, bulbuls, sunbirds, peafowls and raptors above! A wonderful way to spend your weekend, no doubt! We were back where we started around 12. Deflated the kayak and headed back home...right in time for lunch!


Supriya said...

Wow..your kayaking trip sounds like what I'd love to do on my weekends but have done it only once thus far..

Very interesting blog, Suvi!! Keep up the good work and hope to see you publish a a coffee table book of your paintings one day just like your bro!!

MEROPS said...

*Ah hum!*.... coffee table book of my paintings!
heheh... yeah, sure! why not! ;)