Monday, September 26, 2011

GREENSCRAPS - Doodling with nature !

The little-many colourful flowers,tiny insects, leaves in a gazillion different shapes, moths that make the perfect best posers to sketch, the unique character of each seedpod, the fidgety - restless birds - all of this & much more, go into my little hard-bound sketchbook. Sketching what we see around us & tagging these little nature treasures with their names & their stories, transforms a mere sketchbook into a Journal.

A cartographer, Paul Valery, once stated "It takes a considerable difference if one views something with a sketching pen in hand than without a sketching pen in hand." A statement i truly believe. Looking up-close, the amount of detail that you can gather with just trying to draw what you see, is much much more than observing something with a binocular or simple writing about it.

If anyone is even a little inclined to art, i guess Journaling with nature can make an excellent hobby! Keeping the same in mind, Shilpashree & I have designed a 'GREENSCRAPS' workshop for kids... all about observing, exploring, sketching, doodling, collecting information & having fun with nature.


JK said...

What are the dates and locations for GREENSCRAPS?

MEROPS said...

Hello JK ,
Please check this link below for the details of the latest workshop this summer.

thank you !