Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wild flowers from Turahalli

More of my rough -in-the-field- journal sketches !
A few wildflowers from Turahalli. Well, thanks to Ravee (http://www.weatheredwind.org/notes/), my interest in wildflowers has slowly bloomed too. Hidden between the grass, are these tiny coloured forms, so *unique* and distinct from one another.... which i would have otherwise walked past without a glance.

With over 500 species of Aristolochia around the world... I was more than priviledged to stumble upon one of its kind at Turahalli. A unique flower structure... couldn't resist but sketch it ! Am amazed by this flower and am eagerly waiting to see them in bloom again ! Its become one amongst my favourite flowers!! :) (No sooner have i said this... the very next day, a peep through my window, i saw the same Aristolochia creeper and to add to my sudden discovery... it was in bloom too!!! Can you beat that!) How i wish, similarly, all my *eagerly waiting* thoughts come true too !
The Ground Star (Curculigo orchidoies) is one amongst the common plants of Turahalli... The star shaped pretty yellow flowers grow at the base of the plant, touching the ground.
Commelina forskalaei is the kidney-shaped petals at the bottom right of the attached page. The petals are bluish.

Peeping through the grass....


sylvanwind said...

check out the BNHS Indian climbers and shrubs book,tis got a full section about Aristolochiaceae. cheers, Ravee.

Anonymous said...

You know what? You and Ravee kindled my interest in Orchids...but lazy to keep up :-)

Keep it up.

MEROPS said...

Yes Madhukar... i owe my kindling of interest to wildflowers to Ravee too.
Thanks Ravee!
Hope i can make time to explore and sketch much more plants and creatures, that come past my way!

Cynthia Padilla, International Arts Instructor said...

Fabulous pages!

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